Sunday, April 15, 2012

We're human afterall.

Distance. Why making a distance? Why stay apart? Why avoiding people around us? All these questions have been lingered on my mind. It’s confusing me. Is it because you have found your so called ‘hidayah’? Is it because we’re not standing on the same belief anymore? Or is it because you are now had been recognized as the choosen one? Apart from all the reason that you might create, we’re relatives. We’re bound by the blood knot and we’re Muslims. So, why must differentiate the level? Can you answer that? Are we cannot mix around and socialize with people because we do not know what their intentions either is bad or good? Who cares about that, it doesn’t matter at all. One question, are you virtuous enough to feel so?
I don’t believe ridiculous things, I’m not really into superstitious stuff.  But sometimes at certain point, life is not just about the fact and the realistic. We need to believe the alternative method instead of relying 100 percent on the scientific method, but with limitations. For instance, pneumonia (lung infection) got nothing to do with mysterious hereditary disease, it is because the environment is polluted. If you got mystery illness and the doctor cannot figure it out, then only you can seek the alternative method. Simple as that. Plus, where on the Al-Quran stated that we have to re-Syahadah if we seek for alternative method practitioners help? No such thing, as long as the treatment used is not affecting our belief, our Iman then there is no problem I guess. Logic, it’s all that we need. Think again. Use your brain.

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