Thursday, April 5, 2012

to the long road.

It’s been a wonderful nine months and Alhamdullilah we managed to flourish this relationship day by day. I can proudly say we’re happy at this state and I hope that it will last forever. As we’re on long distance relationship right now, frankly speaking it’s been a mess sometimes. You know, when I miss him and he misses me too but everything is on the phone and time is been so jealous with us, it will be completely messed up. But, we figured out our own way to clear out things and to make sure both of us is feeling the right way as it should be as we both know that staying apart is so not us. But I couldn’t say much for now because we’re just 9 months and a lot of counting need to be done, everything is too early isn’t it? I better keep the things to myself for now.

And for you,
Boo, I’m happy to be with you, you’re the one that I need. I heart you, sayang. Happy Nine Monthlysarry 
Lots of love, sincerely me.

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