Saturday, May 7, 2011

10 things about me.

haluu, haluu
Hurm, atas cadangan classmate merangkap roomate saya geng makan malam
Teman harian dan sebagainya..<Panjang pule intro ni> maka saya pun mula memblogi.

1. single, still. - jangan tanya kenapa. am waiting for the right guy at the right time.
2. open, but am keeping certain things in traditional way.
3. to lead, not to be lead.
4. heartless - am cruel to be kind.
saya suka dimanjakan tapi tak reti memanjakan orang. =_=
5. family n friends are my precious, don't ever touch them or just wait to meet the doom.
6. MANNERS. please, talk n act nicely.
7. honesty is the best policy, walk the talk dude.
8. a good listener- not a good advisor.
9. an observer, a silent killer;)
10. a daughter, a sister,a friend, a leader.

Truth to be told:I'm just a normal human being that have heart and feelings. I'm trying to reach perfection eventhouah  I'm not even close to it^o^. this is me btw, Zaynor Ashiqin Abu Bakar. can't stand me? walk away then. Accept me for who I am and for who I am not.

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