Thursday, June 9, 2016

Budget Tunang

hey hoo..

So today I just wanna share my own engagement budget..which I have tried my best to keep it within estimate budget and affordable including best service👍

Mini dais from ig: zunairah_zainal= Rm250 complete with sofa.
MUA also from ig:zunairah_zainal= Rm100
Doorgift: Glass bottle from ig balang.sarah= Rm1 each/100pcs. And DIY its kacang & marshmallow..cost me around Rm100 for 100pcs bottle.
Photographer: anyclicksphotography ,RM300 unlimited shots with 1 photobook album.
Food= Rm1000 for 150 pax (masak sendiri)

Tips jimat adalah rajin~rajin survey # on Ig and you may finally find the best service with cheapest price.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Marriage goal

This is the story of Two strangers. Never thought that they will eventually  be together at the very first place. So yeah, this is the story about me and Ahmad. We started of as classmates..rarely speak until one time I started to tease him alott in class. Dan die layan..😝 that's it.

At the time he proposed, at that very moment.. we promised each other that we are gonna work this relationship as long and as good as we could. Alhamdullilah, we are counting months to be united now.
One principle that we hold once we are in this relationship is set a goal, marriage goal and work towards it. No time for drama, no time to hanky panky..InshaAllah, the journey will be smooth and ease. 

Truth to be told: I can still see the future of us.. 💖

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Phase 2: The Engagement #AZLegalizeJourney

10th Oct 2015.

After 4years 5months and 5 days,Alhamdullilah,. I'm engaged to Mr,Ahmad Mustaqim b. Riduan.

I pray and hope he's the one. My better half. Dunya and Akhirat.

Thank you for all your kind dua.

Thank you for celebrating the day.

Thank you for supporting us.

You know who you are. :)

I'm trully blessed.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Phase 1. Akim💖 Zyno Legalize Journey #AZlj

Hai & Assalamualaikum..

12 Sept 2015, Sabtu.

Berdebar, malu.

Alhamdullilah, initial meeting of both parents went well. The moment my sister entered the room with "the ring", my heart skipped a beat. The proposal had been accepted by my parents. yeay!

So, InshAllah less than a month from now.. I'll be someone's fiance. (Please please pray for us).

Lots of love,
Zyno Burn👰

Benda mudah

Untuk apa di beritahu, di ingatkan..berulang~ulang.

Sedangkan engkau tahu. Aku tahu.

Yang pasti, bikin tak endah lebih mudah.


Puas. Cukup.

Aku dah lelah.

Semoga engkau sedar.