Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A good changes.

Salam lovelies
Currently, I’ve been busy catching up and adapting with my-student-life-again things which I think I made it good so far. It just that sometimes I feel that I’m all alone, seriously though. You know, I have to started making new friends again as all things are seems to be new here.. and frankly speaking I tried so hard to make it interesting as it sounds, not  that I’m not happy  but I just have to adapt the changes I guess. I’ve been staying at Apartment Yayasan Melaka which coincidently is just opposite my campus. Meaning that I can woke up late and no rush to class.. huhu *winkwink* and for the record, it is my first rented house  which cost me RM740 per semester, quite affordable for me as it equipped with well facilities here. It has dobby, mini market, printing shop and cafeteria of course. What an ease=p Ehemm *clear throat* I got 8.30am class every day except for Friday and normally back at my apartment at 6.30pm, what a tiring day after all. My routine is just going around the campus, food and headed back to my house, the same thing day by day. Dull much, but what to do? I’ve got no clique to hang out and Mr. Domok is not around. Apart from that,  I’m aiming for better or can I say excellent result for my degree, seriously. I’m trying hard to stay focus on class and make sure that I absorb all the inputs well, I’m holding to it right now. I’m hoping that this determination of mine will stay long, very long indeed. InsyAllah, amin=)
Oh, I learn something by the phrase of “don’t judge the book by its cover”. I’ve been surrounded by new people who are familiar to me but I hardly recognized them before, and hard to believe that they are apparently cool friends I can say. Praise for them=)

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