Thursday, August 9, 2012


 salam lovelies

Macam dah lama gile kite tak cerita-cerita kan kat blog ni, kesian die.. *lap-lap screen*
bukannye ape, bile ade time nak blog takde idea pula and vice versa. So, end up I didn't update anything.
Just sometimes I post random thoughts.
Currently,I'm on my semester break. and its the month of Ramadhan..yippie! 
So, here my routines begin.
I'm kinda having Insomnia, I guess. I will sleep after sahur and zzzz till noon.
Because of my lazy bum bum, I'll wake up at noon usually and then my day will begin.
Since Mr.Boss is working while waiting to further his degree in UiTM Shah Alam,
(don't ever mention this to me, i'l get upset )
So, I'm officially his alarm clock.
Tapi seronok sebab feeling-feeling macam housewife la, kejut bangun tidur,tunggu die balik kerja..*panggg! terasa lempangan ayah* haha
Dekat rumah tugas utama kite adalah membasuh baju, oleh itu saya digelar mesinbasuh oleh The Burn's. (mesin basuh rosak so kena cuci gune tangan)
Selain tu, kemas dapur and hall sebab bila dah berumur 21 tahun ni macam ade satu rasa tanggungjawab towards the parents and the family. Its like an awareness that comes out of the blue, and its a good thing for sure. But one thing that still I'm not interested at all is cooking. Dunno why(?) I have to make an effort one day since my Mr.Boss is very particular about food. -__-
The most important thing is to ensure my parents are in good health, especially emak. My both parents are already in golden age so its crucial to monitor their activities, food intake and that means they have to stay in pink health!
Hence, that are my regular and boring routine everyday.

p/s:  I lost something valuable :((

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