Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Internship & Driving License


        Heyy heyy heyy, I'm back. dunno why everytime nak update blog and all of sudden the mind wiill go blank. The moods dropped. so yeah., currently I'm doing my internship at Pejabat Pelajaran daerah Melaka Tengah under Unit Pengurusan Kemanusiaan. My host supervisor and colleques seems so niceee and they always treat me more than just an intern. *clap-clap. By far, I managed to complete all the tasks given in perfect timing that they always surprised how fast I can complete it..*ecehh, hey kenala masuk bakul angkat sendiri kan.I'm happy to be here, despite the fact that I have to wake up as early as at 6am! It makes me realised, hey I just have another few months before this internship thingy will be my daily routine since I'm about to graduate in just few months..woahhhh, tell me this is not happening please. Student life is beyond great than working life, I tell ya.oh yess, I have a good news and it's a kinda big achievemnet for ME. At 22 years old, and I'm officially a driving license holder..=) it such a "woah" moment for me since I never ever  like driving. Basically, I just drive from home to work and vice versa. andddd Parking will always be a big issue to me. LOL.

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