Friday, May 18, 2012

serve you right.

My bestfriend made this and I'm loving it!

Woman and her silence.

What more can we asked.
we gave you all that.
but can you,for once.
just for this once.
Understand what we feel inside.
We care.
We loved.
We are fragile.
but do not take it all for granted.
please so not consider us weak just because we gave it all to you.
If you don't understand what is love.
Leave it,don't ever  think of marrying a girl of your dream.
Understand me,and you.
What do we want.
Is it the woman u love to live till the end of the world.
Or your ego, which will be ignore.
Once we stay silence.
We ignore.
And don't beg for anything.
Cuz u closed the door to our love.
We cried.
For you.
Once we got tired.
We give up.

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  1. oh so touched!..u put it on your blog..i feel so overwhelmed..serious...hehe:D