Sunday, December 18, 2011

seize the day

Salam semuaJ (as if ade banyak readers)
Okay, remember the previous post that I promised to story –mory with uolls? So, The result was announced yesterday and I passed, Alhamdullilah. I’m being thankful enough eventhough agak sedikit ralat sebab its not went as I planned years ago. Do you know the feeling like ‘kau jatuh menyembah bumi’? In my case, aku rase macam terjunam jauh dalam kerak bumi. I may be exaggerating a bit about ‘it’, but that’s how I felt. Seriously, failure. A BIG word. But then, as someone told me “semua orang yang berjaya pernah gagal, dan tak semua yang kite nak akan dapat terus”. Lesson learned. The most important thing is when you fall, stand up and face the world. Plus, I’m glad that I have very positive family, friends and loved one  around me that keep being supportive and encouraging. Thank you guys, you know who you are.J

And hey, I’m a nanny. Full time. Aha! On 20th Nov 2011 (nice date hah), The Burns were welcoming a new member to the family, Hannah Adelia. So kaedahnye saya babysit adelia until my sister’s confinement period ends by next year. Style tak kerja itu? Haha..thinking of getting a job actually, a real job I mean but then due to some circumstances I prefer to spent my holiday ( while waiting for pursuing my degree next year) at home. Bile mase lagi nak duk melepak, bangun tido tengahari and the only thing yang perlu difikirkan adalah ‘makanan’??? SEKARANG la jawapannye. Hehe..sekian, terima kasih.

p/s: en boyfie, awak faham kan maksud gambar ni?hehe

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