Monday, September 19, 2011

when at 20s

          Making a decision for your future is a very tough thinking session though, since it will be a turning point or a life changing. I am rarely use my mind to critically thinking about my path of life or my future, I am just follow the flow that has been set up for me. Usually my dad will take do the thinking part, which school I should attend, what kind of friends I should choose, where to further my study and so on. For this whole 19 years old, my life has been so organized by my family which I never complaint about since they know what best for me. But now the time has come, I am turning 20 years old in just one month time. And I should have decide by now what pattern of my future will be which I have no idea at all. Clueless. I will no longer  be a teenager, “TEENAGER”..don’t leave me, will you?=( no longer a child that will cry for the things that she want. I will be stepping into the first stage of  a real cruel it? hah! poor me, am I ready like a SERIOUSLY READY? Okayokay, maybe I just exaggerating too much on this matter, but it is really a MATTER for me. 20 is not just a number, it is a new beginning. Into the adult’s world. To think and to act like one, it’s not easy dude. What if I screwed up? It scared me already. It’s now my turn to carry the responsibility for my actions, my thoughts and to create a beautiful future of mine. Helloo 20s, there is a new princess in town, get ready to rock it on..NOT!

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