Saturday, June 25, 2011


I’ve made a mistake. I shouldn’t do that. Oh my, what I’ve been thinking all this while. Doing something that trapped me eventually. Something that I didn’t know will turn out this way, I’m not planning for this, and it’s far from my intention. Really is. ‘The thing’, its involved feelings and I don’t know how to stop and I’m afraid if I can’t.  But what I can tell right now is I’m starting to feel differently towards you…yes you.  However, it takes two to tango, isn’t it? I don’t wanna dance  in heels alone, I’ve to stop before I got tripped on my own flowing  gown, before the Cinderella’s magical horse ride transform into pumpkins again.  But how? You keep came across my mind, and I just pretend that “hey, I’m cool. I feels nothing for for you. “ Let me tell you this,  It takes a long time for me to started to feel this way again, I’m hardly falling for guy, you know after, you’re different from other guys that I used to like before. I’m confused, or I might be just carried away with the situation that I created myself. Just like ‘cinta lokasi artis’..haha. The question is, am I feeling this for real?? And till when it will lasted.

Truth to be told: I don’t know where I got the courage to share this deep side of mine and please note that this is all false hope. Fullstop.

P/s: if you read this or someone might tell you about this post, please just act like you don’t know anything or give me a hint if you do feel the same thing.(I know ypu don’t)  Because we are friends, and this is wrong.  So, you.  Don’t worry, I can handle this stupid emotions of mine.

AHMAD MUSTAQIM B. RIDUAN - berapa kali dah bace hah?hehe

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