Monday, November 22, 2010


spotted: Zyno Burn was attending SHOUT! award 2010.
I've had soooo much fun and it was like a great time to see- in person with the artist.
Fortunately, we've got tickets for Standing area, and we're standing right at the left stage. 
Jumping, dancing an screaming like hell-yeah!
Hafiz fly fm is very friendly, while Henry Golding a bit cold eventhough he do say hello to me. 
* owh, i can't stop to think how hot he is.
and the rest, too many too mention are great as well.

call me lame, but do I look like I care?=p

                      but just depending on hanphone's camera, there are limited pictures can be taken
my sister, my bestfriend.

*there's a story behind this. 
me: jom amek gambar kar RED carpet!!
then, a stranger out from nowhere yell suddenly
stranger: PURPLE lah!
 aku dimarahi?? He said sorry afterward because he thought that I was his gf.

p/s: kak baby and abang asri, let's do this again next time ok. but i'm gonna make sure we'll be camwhore that time.

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