Monday, October 18, 2010

too much wooooorrrrrrrrrd to say!

Lets the pictures DEFINE the feelings ok<3
*nampak kan kegirangan saya disitu? wee~~
Teluk Cempedak, Pahang.
my brother with her WIFE- to- be
*9th October 2010

Welcoming our SISTER to be<3
JPK Tun Putih 2009/2010
gonna miss my kakak-kakak.=(

6th October 2010
I'm officially 19, u ollsz! 
Pilihanraya Kolej.
* InsyaAllah, everything will turn out beautifully=)
I'm proud, indeed!
My article was published on 3 different newspaper for the first time.
cheers to all=)
p/s: I hope all this moments will stay, the clock will stop ticking. <3<3<3
       to ADH and NSI, I'm soo happy for both of u<3

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